BEHAVIOR PROBLEMS?  Is your dog afraid of strangers, new situations, noises, aggressive to other dogs or anxious in
general? We have had success with these and other issues in our Behavioral packages - SEE
Behavior Probs, and we also offer
the Jump Start Program for certain dogs with more intensive needs like these.

BEHAVIORAL JUMP START PROGRAM includes longer training sessions for your dog everyday, and more time for you and
your dog in your weekly private lessons.
TOTAL COST $935 - savings of $98.

In many cases a private behavioral appointment will be required before your dog enters into the Behavioral Jump Start Program.
science and of the subtleties of the human/dog relationship. This, combined with her decades of
experience and sound instincts allow her to perform accurately and quickly to achieve results! She also
adores the dogs.

I've taken my silly, sweet Springer boy to her for some focus and confidence work successfully. My
sister's rescue Pyrenees Mix who came with some very scary dog aggression has been almost
completely transformed over about four months. She has softened and settled successfully into her new
home thanks to Cherie and Alan, another excellent trainer there - I've used both Cherie and Alan - they
both are extremely knowledgeable, effective, kind hearted and impeccably honest in their business
dealings. Please be careful who you take your dog to, they could get harmed with a bad or inexperienced
trainer.....for their sake, make sure you use a good one.
and socialization in Diamond Springs, CA.
  • 1 private lesson per week for you and your dog
  • IN-HOME intensive training lesson at the end
    of the program.
  • Call now to discuss the best options for your
    dog. 530-622-7877.

Total Package $859 . . . Savings of $98

Have 2 dogs? Send them to same doggie day care
days and receive 5% off on the already discounted
price on the 2nd dog.
Could a highly active day care
benefit you and your beloved
furry one?
Perfect for the mischievous, growing
puppy, or older rescue dog! Or the family
dog who just needs some more training.

Like the idea of getting professional
training help like that of a BOARD &
TRAIN Program though don't want your
dog to live away from home?

Jump Start
Day Care & Training

and my dog over come her issues so she could settle down on the leash and become the controlled dog I wanted!  I appreciated his calm
I am 100% satisified with the course/company/trainer and will most definitely recommend Our Furry Friends to anyone I know who is in
need of guidance and/or training for their dog.  I also appreciate how quickly you responded to my email inquiries!  

Thank You,  Hilary Barbieri, Fair Oaks CA"
super playful, overly friendly, somewhat distractible, rambunctious bundle of gold